From missing a jump to breaking the World Record

Beatrice Chepkoech is the new 3000M record holder after smashing the previous record held by Bahrain’s Jebet by eight seconds setting it at 8:44:32. With a calculated kick, Chepkoech remained behind her pacer that saw her complete the first kilometer in 2:55 then held on to her fast pace all the way to the finish line with Cortney Frerichs, an American finishing second in 9:00:85. Kenyan Hyvin Kiyeng finished third in 9:04:41 as Emma Coburn being the second American in the race in 9:05:06 with her fourth position.

But, who is Beatrice Chepkoech? She is an incredibly good miler with the capability of throwing in a kick in the last 400M in spite of the hurdles and is coached by Bran Som, a former Dutch 800M specialist who also happens to coach Faith Kipyegon.

A strong athletic spirit shouts from her performance at the Monaco Diamond League meet having missed a medal at the world althletic championships in 2017 after forgetting to take the water jump that is situated inside the track at the 200M mark. Runners do not go over it at the start of the race and is cordoned off by witches hats to ensure no athlete mistakenly jumps over it just yet but in the second lap, it is in play. Then, Chepkoech realized her mistake and backtracked but could not make it to the medal bracket with the leading being 50M ahead.

At the 2016 Rio Olympics, Chepkoech finished fourth in 9:16:05. It would be interesting to watch how Kiyeng and Coburn will step up in the coming races up against the now 3000M steeplechase world record holder, Beatrice Chepkoech.

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